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International Seminar Dyslexia in Detention:

Nieuwersluis - DJI vergadercentrum - april 3rd, 2012

(Please find the information on the speeches under the subject titles:)

9:30 Program and Announcements
Thea van Kemenade (Chair)
9:35 Opening
Dineke ten Hoorn Boer, Director-General Youth and Sanction Application
9:50 Project Breaking Barriers
Eeva Siirala (projectleader)
10:00 Dutch initiative to support dyslectic prisoners
Annet Bakker, Education Coordinator
10:20 Incidence of dyslexia in detention
Jan van Nuland (Valk&Uil)

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Free from learning difficulties
Mirva Gullman, The Probation Foundation Helsinki Finland
12:00 Dyslexia screening
Eeva Siirala, Finish Diverse Learners' Association FINDER

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Juggling experiment
Wichert van Bethlehem prison educator
13:50 Chelmsford Prison experiences
Jacky Hewitt-Main, English dyslexia specialist
14:50 SIBL: ICT tools for learning in the cell
Cees Bak, ICT in prison specialist
15:20 Pear Learning for dyslectics: examples of a training method
Giacomo Cutrera, Italian dyslexia specialist
15:50 Closure
Eeva Siirala and Jan van Nuland

16:00 Music and drinks